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Ilm Kreis

Lääne Viru

Козятинський Pайон


KONIN COUNTY the small homeland of 125 thousand diligent inhabitants, is located in eastern outskirts of Wielkopolska Voivodeship. Konin County includes 14 communes and encloses the capital of sub-region – the city of Konin inhabited by 85 thousand people.

This county is not typical for Wielkopolska region. It is densely populated within the spread settlement. The nature fitted its territory with resources creating such an antagonistic mix: poor, infertile soil, brown coal layers and numerous natural water reservoirs. The economy of county and whole Konin sub-region is actually based on the fuel-energy sector. As a result, it is perceived through the prism of coal mine headings and post-mining slag heaps.

The social-economy processes taking place in Poland during last years, including before-accession period and present UE membership period, made our Small Homeland and its citizens start to look for the alternative model for micro-region development. Konin County makes an effort to set in motions the processes based on the advantages, which were hidden until now in the shadow of fuel-energy complex.

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