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Region koniński
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Administrative division

Konin County includes 14 communes:

  • 5 rural-urban communes:
             - Golina,
             - Kleczew,
             - Rychwał,
             - Sompolno,
             - Ślesin,
  • 9 rural communes:
            - Grodziec,
            - Kazimierz Biskupi,
            - Kramsk,
            - Krzymów,
            - Rzgów,
            - Skulsk,
            - Stare Miasto,
            - Wierzbinek,
            - Wilczyn.


They are divided into 295 village councils. The local community inhabits 488 rural and 5 urban places.

Konin County population amounts (according to data from 31.12.2017) 129.715 residents. Ślesin commune has the most number of inhabitants (13.992), while the smallest in this regard is Grodziec county (5.220). The biggest town according to its residents number is Golina (4.493).

Population of the rural territories makes 86,27% of the whole county population. In 1st part of 2009 there was recorded positive natural population growth - 2,90 for 1000 residents. According to its number of the inhabitants Konin county is on the 5th position among 31 counties of Wielkopolska Voivodeship./userfiles/images/Gminy/PK_mapa.png