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Stare Miasto Commune

ul. Główna 16 b
phone: +48/63/ 241 62 16
fax: +48/63/ 241 65 80

Commune chief - Ryszard NAWROCKI
Chairman of the Town Council - Karol TEODORCZYK


The Commune directly neighbors the Konin township. Its area is 98 square kilometers and it is inhabited by 11,55 thousand people. The commune consists of 16 villages. Important communication routes run through the commune territory: A-2 motorway from east to west, and No 25 main road Ostrów Wielkopolski-Bydgoszcz from south to north. Also the road from Konin via Turek to Łódź intersects the commune territory.

In the turn of the 12th century, in the location of the present Stare Miasto village, there was a fair settlement, which is regarded as the initial step in forming of the Konin township. After location of Konin in the present place (1265-84), the settlement lost its economic significance. At that time the name Stare Miasto appeared, which was first mentioned in historical documents in the year 1359 (testimony of parish church existence). The Stare Miasto Commune has existed since 1864.

Stare Miasto along with other places (for example: Barczygłów, Główiew, Modła Królewska), formerly belonged to Konin County and made up a natural rural backup for Konin city. Modła Księża, which also was a royal village, was vested as a salary for pastor. Close contacts between the churches in these places also constituted strong relationships with Konin city.

The history of Stare Miasto is proven by a 13th century Romanesque church, which now is a chapel of neo-Gothic church erected in the beginning of the 20th century. On the southern wall of Romanesque church in there preserved the traces of probably the oldest sundial in Wielkopolska region.

Interesting group of monuments is also a classicist Calvinist's church built in the years 1821-22 and the palace and park in Żychlin from the same period, there situated the mound of former manor. It is worth mentioning that the parish of the Evangelical-Reformed Church (Calvinist), established in Żychlin in the beginning of the 17th century, has survived to this day. Parish had the faithful among the representatives of Scotch population settled in Konin in the middle of 16th century, as well as representatives of so-called second wave emigration from the beginning of 17th century.

The Stare Miasto Commune Local Government hosted the County Harvest-Home Festival in 2003.

Recently, a rapid increase in the number of manufacturing and service businesses has been noted. It is the result of both, the favorable location at the important road junction, and also the care and policy of the commune authorities. The intersection of the A-2 motorway and the No 25 main road has been a basic factor for the planned location of the Wielkopolska Logistics Centre. All in all, there are about 472 non-agricultural businesses, employing about 800 people.

As a whole, the economy is predominantly agricultural in character. The agricultural land is 7,1 thousand hectares, of which 5,4 thousand hectares is arable and 1,6 thousand are meadows and pastures. Agriculture is dominated by growing of cereals and raising of cattle and pigs. There are about 1,4 thousand farms.

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