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Sompolno Town and Commune

ul. 11 Listopada 15
phone: +48/63/ 271 40 54
fax: +48/63/ 271 40 57

Mayor - Andrzej Stanisław KOSSOWSKI
Chairman of the Town Council - Ryszard NOWAKOWSKI


 Neoklasycystyczny pałac z drugiej połowy XIX w. LubstowieAn urban-rural commune located in the north-eastern part of the county. Consists of 22 villages. The area of the commune is 137 square kilometers, inhabited by 10,5 thousand people, including 3,7 thousand residents of Sompolno town.

The first mention about the village of Sompolno in the historical documents is from 1242. In 1477 the archbishop Jakub of Sienno established a town, which he named Dębno after his coat of arms. This name, however, did not stick, and since the 1526 the town has been called Sompolno. During the January Uprising, the Sompolno environs witnessed many battles and skirmishes with Russian troops. In 1870 Sompolno shared the fate of many other places and lost the municipal rights, which were not regained before 1973. In the beginning of the 20th century Sompolno was an important junction of the narrow-gauge railway, which significantly influenced the economic development of the town and commune.

The important monuments in the town include a 19th century neo-gothic Roman Catholic church, also 19th century late classicists protestant church, St. Hieronim's wooden chapel from 1732 and the restored synagogue. Moreover, in Lubstów: a neo-classicist palace from the second half of the 19th century with landscape park and old trees, Roman Catholic church in early-Renaissance style from 1534 with Baroque 18th century belfry. The village of Mąkolno has a wooden Roman Catholic church from the middle 18th with the painting of the Virgin Mary with Child dated for the half of the 17th century.

The commune has many tourist attractions, such as the hiking routes, driving routes and resorts and camping areas on Lubstów, Mąkolno, Mostki and Szczekawa lakes. Here you can find many nature curiosities, including a unique forest preserve Kawęczyńskie Brzęki, which features the brekini sorb.

The Sompolno Town and Commune Local Government hosted the County Harvest-Home Festival in 2005.

The commune’s economy is agricultural and industrial in character. Most of the population earn their living in agriculture. Almost 8,8 thousand hectares of agricultural land belong to 1300 farms. Agricultural land is mostly arable, but also 1,1 thousand hectares of pastures. The commune has long horticultural tradition. The area of orchards is about 1,4 thousand hectares. The crops are mainly rye, but also wheat, barley and fodder. The livestock is dominated by pigs and cattle.

Lignite is mined in the western part of the commune. In total, 1,7 thousand people are employed outside agriculture, in 435 businesses.

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