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Region koniński
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Kozjatyn Region is located in the northern part of Vinnica Province, in the very center of Ukraine. It was formed in 1923 as a result of administrative-territory reform of the state. This region can pride itself on its rich history.

It is characterized by temperate – continental climate with an average year temperature of 6,5°C (in summer it achieves 40°C, and the lowest temperature in winter is -38°C). Agricultural soils take up 85% of the whole area (113,1 thousand ha) of Kozjatyn Region. 74 administrative places belonging to the Region are inhabited with 74,4 thousand people. Industrial sector of Kozjatyn Region consists of 17 plants, which operate within the three industrial fields of state economy. Leading place belongs to the food industry and agricultural products processing industry. The main products produced in the region are: sugar, bread, butter, meat and meat and meat products, cake products, tinned products.

The most important enterprises functioning in the region are three sugar factories: ВАТ "Mykolaiwska Sugar Factory", BАТ "Brodecka Sugar Factory", ВАТ "Macharynecka Sugar Factory", and "Kozjatyński Poultry Processing Plant", Kozjatyńska Dairy АТ "Winnica Dairy", Głuchowecka Kaolin Processing Plant and "Żeżelewska Granite Mine".

In Kozjatyn Region there function small and middle-sized business, there are 96 economical subjects employing 935 people and 93 farms (area of arable soils is 4.8 thousand ha). 70 medical - prophylactic institutions bring the health care for the region residents.Proper level of education, culture and sport is ensured by such state institutions as: 43 schools, 12 kindergartens and 54 culture centers. Inhabitants of the region visit numerous sport objects: 24 stadiums , 21 sports ground, 30 sports halls and 3 shooting rooms.

Kozjatyn city, which is 75 km away from Vinnica and 172 km away from Kiev , is a seat of city and regional authorities.

Oleg Orkusza is a main Administrator of Kozjatyn Region (Chairman of Regional Administration).

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