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Jesteś tutaj: Tourism - Water Route of Wielkopolska - Kayaks Route - The channel Warta-Gopło

Kayaks Route

Length: 32 km
On the Channel Warta-Gopło

We start putting the kayaks on the water in the Morzyslaw harbor. We flow through the straight section of the channel about 8 km and we reach the "Pątnów" sluice which is the influence, opening Pątnowskie lake ( Pątnowskie jezioro). This section is the only dangerous one because it often occurs that the west wind creates a lateral tile, which makes it difficult to sail through. Likewise, during the season, when the pleasure crafts and sailing boats sail, we have to keep our close attention on a forming wave.

From the Pątnowskie lake ( jezioro Pątnowskie) we flow under the road bridge and the railway bridge and we reach the Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie lake ( jezioro Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie). On our left hand-side there is Clare Island (wyspa Klary).

In the lake string there are located sailing and marina resorts. On the next road bridge there is the boundary between the lakes and the beginning of the Ślesińskie lake( jezioro Ślesińskie). On the left side the concrete slip makes it easy to the way out to the town for supplies; on the right hand-side of the marina there are the Ślesińskie Baths ( Termy Ślesińskie). Flowing through the lake, on the right side, in the middle of the basin, you will see a waterfall ejecting water, which has been cooling located nearby power house. At this point of the journey we are reaching the end of the lake, on the left bank there is a settlement. Right now we are entering the channel which begins the Black Lake ( Jezioro Czarne) within approx. 800 m. Just before the bridge, in the area of Żółwieniec on the right side, we can see one of the bunkers of the Army "Poznan" which come from the period of the World War II.

In this point we can stop by with only two kayaks at the same time. In one moment we reach a lock called "Gawrony". We carry on the left touchline.

In few hundred meters the next lock called "Koszewo“ and the bridge on the road Koszewo-Morzyczyn occur  (we proceed as before). Flowing on, within approx. 150 m, we get to the mouth  of Noteć river on which there is a channel, on which there is rather an unused weir. After further 6 km we are sailing to Gopło lake. We finish in Mielnica.

The trail requires a good form, if we want to finish it within one day.

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