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Jesteś tutaj: Tourism - Water Route of Wielkopolska - The Greater Poland Grand Route sailing trail on the Warta-Gopło Canal

Szlak żeglowny Wielkiej Pętli Wielkopolski - Kanał Warta - Gopło

Length: 32km
Width: 22-25m
Depth: 1,3-2,2m

Section: Warta-Gopło Canal

It was built in the years 1936-49 as a result of joining chain of lakes with artificial excavatons. It was open in November of 1949
Water route is ranked among the second class of sailing route. It is marked with bank's signs.

Time of navigation: April-November

Water supervision in Konin

ul Okólna 59, 62-510 Konin
tel. (+48) 63 24 33 505
Śluza Morzysław, początek Kanału Ślesińskiego0,00 km
The beginning of the Ślesiński Canal In Konin Morzysław is on the 406,6 km of  Warta river. It begins with the width of about 22m.  Every spring the entry of the confluence is marked by buoys because of the sand. Note on the shallowing.
0,43 km Morzysław lock is one of thefour locks. The Morzysław lock was built in the end of 1930s and modernized in the 2011. Technical parameters are as follows: the length of the chamber is 58m and its width is 96m. The phone number to operator of the lock: (+48)600 993 113 or (+48)63 24 33 531.
The lock is open in the navigation season from Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 6.00pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9.00am to 7.00pm. Current information concerning costs you can find on:
By agreement of private owner you can moor to concrete shore, on the left side of the lock. Sailing further north, we can’t speed to more than 10km/h on the canal to Pątnów lock.
1,04 km  Then we get across under the road bridge along Konin-Sompolno route. The height of the bridge is 4,47m when there is the heighest water navigation.
2,27 km The next bridge is the railway bridge along Poznań-Warszawa route. VC – 4,34m

3,60 km The next road bridge is Rudzica one. VC – 4,47
5,60 km Anielew Road Bridge. VC - 4,50m. There are fish ponds on the right behind an embankment along the canal. But on the left there are Konin Gosławice and Pątnów power station. The pump station in Pątnów built in 1966 is on the 7,9km of the left shore of the route.
7,95 km
Then we reach Pątnów lock. The Pątnów barrage was built in the end of 1930s and was modernized in 2013.
Technical parameters:
The chamber lock – length 58m, width 9,6m
The opening time and the way of going through is similar to the previous lock.
The phone number to the lock’s operator: (+48)608 592 698 or (+48)63 24 27 524
The stopping place near the lock is only possible with an agreement of the operator.
8,40 km
The road bridge which VC is 4,43m.
Pątnowskie lake is the postglacial one of the area of 282,6ha and 2,6m in depth on average. Although most of the shores are low, trees and reeds overgrowing an embankment make it difficult to reach indirectly the shore. Navigation trail runs north. Due to occurring shallowing you should sail a few metres far from the reeds. There are no problems with mooring to sandy shore except the owners of ballast-sword ships. The  Pątnowskie lake does not freeze over in winter because its waters are used to cool Konin power stations. However, the 2010/2011 winter the lake completely freezed. It is banned to develop high-speed and to do water skiing on 8,3 to 12km of the route. On the left, in the south shore of the lake there is recreational and holiday centre “The Gosławice port” and the port of Energetyk sailing club.

Przystań "Gosławice"On offer: two large mooring docks, you can use electricity, 24-hour free of charge toilets, food outlets and catering services. It is possible to rent a yacht and other equipment, book a mooring station at the jetty in season, convenient slipway, winter storage of vessels on the shore. The centre offers more than 170 tourist accommodations in the apartments for three to four persons enclosing kitchen, sanitary, fridge and television. Part of them have heating and are adapted to wholeyear usage. There is guarded swimming area with a sandy-turf beach.
More information:

At the other side, northern shore of the lake there is residence and harbour of sailing club which is near the Konin brown coal. Among the club, it offers mooring docks with an accommodation place. On the central the biggest harbour, which is lighten all night, you can use the electricity, running water. There are 24-hour toilets, rental boats, the possibility of booking mooring places on platforms and gangways (both in and out of season), convenient and concrete slipway, winter storage of vessels on the shore, car park, and food outlets, and sailing training. There is 650m distance from petrol station.
More information: www.

There is Przystań Gosławice Recreation and Leisure Centre with 20 double rooms, pier, airdocks, mooring station, rental of equipment (canoes, water bikes, rowboats). The centre also organizes boat tours. More information:

Centrum Rekreacyjno-Szkoleniowe „Glaspo” w PątnowieNote on the causeway between the island and the inlet water supplu to the plant in this part of the lake. Due to the shallow water and stones place is marked by buoys.

Sailing  west toward Gosławice lake, we can reach private Gaj harbor. The harbor organizes boat tours. You can moor to water pumping station on the Gosławskie lake (along the national road number 25 Konin-Bydgoszcz).
In turn sailing east (9km of the tour) we reach Licheński Canal (about 500 metres) which connects Ślesiński Canal with Licheńskie lake. The dam closes the transition so entering the lake is made difficult and dangerous. There is local road bridge on the dam. In the canal you can find tranquil place to stopover.
Sailing north, on the right you can see the copula and tower of Basillica in Lichaeń and reeds, as well. If you are careful, you can go through the reeds. Note on the wild swimming areas.

10,95 km The road and rail bridge in Łężyn. VC-4,93m. Behind the bridge there are unsecured power lines (11m)
11,00 km 
We reach  Wąsosko – Mikorzyńskie lake. The area of this tunel-valley Lake is 252,8 ha, and an average depth: 11,5m.
It is advisable to go along the island Klara on the western side of the lake but on the other side it is also possible. You can moor to it, too but note on the large shallowing around the island.
11,80 km On the south-eastern shore of Mikorzyńskie Lake – harbor of Bernardynka Leisure Centre. In the renovated Centre, tourists can moor their yachts and sailboats in the dock. There are also: piers for anglers, a swimming area, a boathouse, rental of water gear (water bikes, sailboats, canoes and boats) as wwell as a campsite, mini-bar (20 5-7 persons chalets, hotel 2-3 personsrooms, rental of quad biking, buggy).
More information: Note on the Bay trail swimming. ODN training Centre in Konin is located within a large park. On the right there are breeding ponds. Along an approx. 50m concrete waterfront there is a floating dock with stations for yacgts and canoes; access to drinking water and toilets, a boathouse with a workshop for performing minor repairs of sailing gear. There are 70 tourist accommodation places in the 2-3 persons rooms with toilets, as well.

An embankment is sandy and deep to the shore so you can moor in the reeds or reach the shore.

On the right there is Wąsosze country. The church of Saint Mikołaj tower indicates symbolic border between Mikorzy6ńskie and Wąsoskie lakes.
13,30 km On the left there is Marina – formarly a scout centre with an approx. 70m pier. You can moor and stop here to spend the night on your boat. At the Marina you can use showers, replenish your water supply, recharge batteries (electricity and water at the pier) and use other facilities such as social rooms.
14,00 km
On the left shore of Mikorzyńskie Lake there is harbor of Bryza Sailing Club. Sailors and boaters can take advantage of a large Y-shaped mooring jetty. You can use electrical connections on the jetty, 24-hour free-of-charge toilets. During the season you can book mooring stations and rent four yachts.
More information:

Sign attitude – 10m, but power line is on the height of 11, so there is a need to take care and keep yourself near the left or the right shore. It reduces the risk of pushing the electric arc in moist air.

Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowy „Wityng”On the left shore of Mikorzyńskie Lake there is Wityng Leisure and Training Centre. Facilities: a pier (for light vessels), harbor, swimming area with a beach, boathouse, canoe rental, water bikes, and rowboats. During the season the centre cooperate with companies offering watercrafts and water-skiing. Besides, guests of the centre can take advantage of 72 places of tourist accommodation and a reastauration. Driveway to boat launching site at the pier.
More information:

Providing you have consent of owners you can moor to many smaller private piers on both sides of the lake. Along the shores of the lake there are swimming areas indicated by yellow buoys.
Ośrodek Wczasowo-Wypoczynkowy „Delfin”15,40 km
On the right shore of Mikorzyńskie Lake there is harbor of Delfin Leisure and Holiday Centre with a characteristic tavern building. There are facilities for various water sports. Additionally, there is a pier, a harbor, and a boathouse, as well as a rental place (for canoes, motorboats, water skis, dinghies, sailboats, and water scooters) and food outlets.
There is also accommodation place for 100 people in rooms with private bathrooms and 24 beds in chalets with toilets. There is a possibility of launching.
The Centre owns the one in the country wakeboard hoist with remote control system. Younger children, the youth, adults and seniors, as well can wakeboard on the hoist. If you are a little bit fit, you can have lots of fun. You are well prepared when having short training. Advanced competitors can go through water with the speed of more than 60 km/h but the beginners will have some adrenalin with the speed of 15km/h.
More information:

On the left side the pier belongs to hidden in the trees restauration.

Next there is a string of private centres at the entrance to the narrowing of the Ślesińskie lake. You will see a waterfront park for pedestrians and cyclists (approx. length 1,5km) on the left, at 16km.
It consists of four floating docks (three of them have six mooring stations each, the largest one offers more place), slipway for launching boats, as well as sport facilities and a playground, three beach volleyball fields, and a skatepark. Access to the waterfront park is suitable for disabled persons. Behind narrowing the trail turns to the east and at this point the lake is the smallest in depth. Due to high traffic (pedal boats, kayaks, scooters) in the summer there is a need to pass through the lake with caution, especially on the right side of the lake.
Gmina Ślesin17,10 km
Road bridge in Ślesin; VC – 5,08m. Navigating southwards from Ślesińskie Lake, you sail along a narrow pass under the bridge to enter Mikorzyńskie Lake. We reach Ślesińskie Lake, too. On the left side the area involves concrete slipway for lifeboats and motorboats.
There are lots of centres on both sides of shores and private recreational gardens with their own piers. The banks are high and wooded especially on the east side. There is no shoals. The coastline is well-developed and diversified. The Lake has both high and low banks with many bays and peninsulas. Eastern shore of Ślesińskie Lake – Harbour in Ślesin. The harbor consists of three piers; one of these is suitable for larger vessels. The Marina has 76 mooring stations.
The construction of all bridges provides free movement associated with the change in the water level up to 60cm. All of the piers are equipped with posts to draw water. (10 units), as well as the electrical outlet 230V at 40 units in total on all piers.
Entry gangways have moving ramps to facilitate entering disabled persons. Besides, piers are equipped with signs for the harbor users, rescue centres (lifeboats and darts), cleats, mooring rings and rescue ladders.
In the central part of the harbor there is year-long brick building with Bosun’s room, Volunteer Fire Department room in Ślesin – Rescue Water, conference hall for 50 persons max and boathose used for storage and workshops, toilets for the users of the harbor and showers adapted for disabled persons. There is a grilled cottage near the building, as well.

Przystań "Marina" w ŚlesiniePole slewing crane was installed on an embankment of the harbour which can uplift up to 8 tones. Construction of the crane allows safe launching and pulling out floating vessels with length of ship's hull max 10 metres and width of 3,2 metres and the oerall height not exceeding 2,5 metres. Usage of the harbour is free. More information:
On the embankment there is ferroconcrete slipway to launch scooters, light yachts and small waterboats. The width of slipway is 3,0 but the length is 5,6m. Entry road to the area of the harbour has a paved car park. Very close to the harbour there are hotel and Marina restaurant with beach, guarded swimming area, chain of sports fields and walking piers. More information:
Path for pedestrians and cyclists joines the harbour and the centre of Ślesin with the park with beach and Slesinski bouveard. There is a petrol station in the distance of 1000 metres. When you look at western shore of the lake you can see the pedestrian part with a big slipway in the Urban Park. Sailing farther north, we pass by „Na Bursztynowym szlaku” harbour with  restaurant and rental of water gear. 
17,70 km
On the right shore of Ślesińskie Lake – short piers of Energetyk Hotel. A launch site with approx. 300 slope is available here. There is a boathouse and an unsupervised swimming area next to the platform. The centre provides 77 tourist accommodation places in the hotel or in cottages and restaurants.
More information:
The Justyna resort involves the pier and boathouse. At the centre you can rent canoes, paddle boats. The centre provides 40 accommodation places with catering services and motorboats, rowboats.
18,20 km
On the right shore of Ślesińskie Lake – Verano spa and recreation centre. You can moor small vessels at the pier. At the centre you can rent canoes, pedalos (paddle boats) and rowboats. The centre also provides accommodation and catering services.
More information:

Next, there is pier of Agro Skansen "Leśna Polana".
More information:

On the left there are private piers to the Recreation KWB Adams Centre (18,7km of trail). The Centre makes it possible to rent cottages, rooms and tent sites. It has a swimming area, harbour with rental boats and rowboats, and a reataurant, as wel.
More information:
19,00 km
In this area the lake narrows down sharply to 100m. After 300m it expands eastward creating the central water column with a length of 750m. On the left: Płazik Water Sport Camping Site. Available facilities include a jetty, beach, gear storage, professional slalom courses for water skiing.
The resort offers rental of canoes, sailboats, waterskis, catamaran, scooters, windsurfing or wakeboarding. Accommodation involves caravanas, tents (own or borrowed on site). You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or cook for yourself, because there is a kitchen.
More information:

You can not moor at the station from the left side of the lake to the lock.
19,80 km On the right shore of Ślesińskie Lake-waterfall-type discharge of cooling water from the power stations in Konin and Pątnów. The discharge duct is 30m wide and reinforced with concrete panels. The duct forms an artificial 2m high waterfall, which is an outlet for water used in the power station cooling system. You must not sail any closer than 50m near it. The area is surrounded with buoys.
Maszt radiowo-telewizyjny w Żółwieńcu21,00 km
Radio and TV in Żólwieniec (the height of 317m above ground) visible from many kilometers landmark. On the lake you can find canoeists training rowers or sailing schools. There are private centres behind the radio mast.
21,70 km
The Ślesińskie L;ake ends here and another section of the canal begins.

22,46 km Overhead passage of “Przyjaźń” pipeline. VC= 4,88m. There is a need to put a mast because there are energy lines over heads. There is a canal 30m wide, 1,8m of transit depth on average. There is a speed limit to 10 km/h. Growing trees and branches hanging down make this route natural. Canals are safe, tranquil and without waves so you can do canoeing.
22,75 km
Żółwieniec Road Bridge. VC= 6,08m. Along the canal, which is behind the embankment, on both sides there are small lakes. Then we reach not too big Black Lake with woody, steep shores and overgrown with reeds seacoasts. Behind the eastern shore, Mielno Lake connectssection of the northern Noteć. Just before the Gawrony lock on the western side of the shore there are beach and a new recreational pier.
24,20 km Barrage No.3 Gangway. Chamber dimensions: 57,4mx9,6m. Built from 1946-1948. It is closed with mitregates and is filled via circulation ducts with outlets located in the chamber walls adjoining the gates. During the locking process a vessel should be positioned in the middle of the lock, close to the right chamber wall to avoid inundation from the outflowing or inflowing water while the lock is being filled or emptied. Electrical operation. Phone number: (+48) 608 610 292 lub (+48) 63 268 51 62. In 2012, the lock was modernized and computerized control was introduced.
The Gawrony lock closes the uppermost part of the Ślesińslki Canal. You must not stay at its premises without the operator’s consent. The only place convenient for pulling into the bank in the vicinity of the lock is in the downstream outer port of Gawrony lock. From there, a path along the outer fence of the facility leads to the operator’s building, and following the other direction along the lock you can reach Koszewo.
25,80 km
Koszewo lock is the last on the Slesinski canal. It was built in 1946-48. Technical dimensions: chamber lock with electrical drives, length: 57km, width: 9,6m.
Phone number: (+48) 664 765 070 or (+48) 63 268 51 50
6 kilometres of the canal has left. The nearest pier is in Warzymów. In search for detents you can pull over almost everywhere on the canal.
26,20 km Road Bridge in Koszewo. VC=5,65m. On the right side there is a natural mouth of Noteć (rampart lock). Note on the shallowing – you need to note on the right side. Aalthough buoys indicate where to sail you need to go along left side or sail between two sides, the depth  is regularly controlled. You had better ask how to sail a boat of deeper draft on the Koszewo lock. Then we sail the canal. Shores are wooded. There are peat bogs and swamps behind the rampart. You can meet grey herons on the way.
Gotycki kościół w Warzymowie29,00 km
Warzymowo, near the Gothic church there is a floating platform with auxiliary infrastructure. Nearby, there is a beach with various facilities. On the right you can see the church in Broniszew.

There are old boats near the shore on the way. Naturally washed shore.

There are energy lines on 13 m so it is safe to navigate 13m far from the bank.

Sailing from Slesin sailing boat (with solid 4-6 horsepower motor) to the entry of Gopło we need about 6 hours (one lhour for each lock excepting you would inform operator in advance and the lock would be prepared).
31,59 km
Bridge along local road – Przewóz – Mielnica, VC=5,62m. In 500m we enter open Gopło and an area of Nadgoplański Millenium Park.
32,00 km Since then there are lakes under Water Supervision in Pakość (from 32.0km to 59,5km) ul. Jankowo 3, 88-170 Pakość, phone nnumber: (+48) 52 351 85 45. There is a sailing route marked with buoys on Gopło lake (width of lake – 50m, transit depth – 2m). Along the lake the length of the sailing route is 27,5km. About 100m far from the canal you can see a pier, which is on the left, western bay of the lake, a harbour for mooring big vessels and a beach, a swimming area with slipway and free rental of water gear (phone number: 63 268 55 46). Very close to the harbour there is Community Culture Centre. You can use the toilets of the centre.

Plaża i pomosty w ŁuszczewieOn the western shore of the lake there are places to bivouac and piers. On  the 36km of “Route of Wielkopolska” on the left side there is a beach and piers in Łuszczewo  (driveway from the county road).

RB – Łuszczewo. There is a floating platform adjusted for mooring small vessels; a swimming site and sport facilities.

The deep lakes have a well-developed shoreline with many bays and peninsulas. There are marshy soils and lots of islands. On the Gopło lake lies an ornithological reserve which is very important for Nadgoplański Millenium Park. This is why there are strict Environmentsl protection rules.
Centrum Informacji TurystycznejInformacja dla niesłyszących