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Region koniński
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Budzisławskie Lake
Area: 140.8 ha
Maximum depth: of 35.2 m
It is located in Kleczew community, on the area of  Powidzki Landscape Park (Powidzki Park Krajobrazowy) , clean water which belongs to the first class  is one of the lures of this lake. The coastline is varied and well developed, reed belt in most places is small and does not impede access to the lake. The lake is divided into two parts. The smaller one which is the south-western  is shallow
and almost completely covered with vegetation. The north-eastern part reaches approx. 35-meter depth. In some seasons water clarity reaches more than 10 m
On the recreational area in Tręby Stare there is a diving base which belongs to  "Diver" which is the Centre for Underwater Activities in the Great Poland.

In the summer season it is open constantly, but after a prior consultation with the Centre, it also works after the season. The location of the base allows a full range of services, from charging cylinder, rental equipment, dive training to the accommodation or events organization.
In addition to full diving service and underwater attractions special underwater platform have been prepared for exercising. For those who have never had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the water, the instructors are waiting.
Multi-species underwater vegetation (occurring to a depth of approx. 6-7 m) and various species of fish (eg pike, eel and perch) provide an unforgettable experience. For diving amateurs there is waiting a constantly growing underwater obstacle tour made out of sunken wrecks imitations: kayaks, bell or 2-meter-tall statue of the Virgin Mary,lying at a depth of 13 m.
At the center there is a guarded stance buoyss swimming pool with a panoramic bridge, and the resort's water sports equipment rental, where you can rent: water bikes, kayaks, rowing boats. Stock are also rental bicycles for exploring the surrounding area Powidz Park.

Baza Nurkowa „Diver24”
OSiR Tręby Stare
62-541 Budzisław Kościelny
Centrum Nurkowe „Diver24”
ul. Wrocławska 20
61-838 Poznań
tel./fax. (+48) 61 853 09 97
Klub Płetwonurków LOK „Pirania”
ul. Zofii Urbanowskiej 16
62-500 Konin
tel. (+48) 63 242 95 42
gsm. (+48) 601 792 405
Klub prowadzi szkolenia dla płetwonurków oraz organizuje obozy specjalistyczne, oferuje także napełnianie butli.
Konińskie Centrum Działalności Nurkowej „Clear Water”
ul. Sikorskiego 2
62-500 Konin
gsm. (+48) 607 716 294
Centrum prowadzi szkolenia, organizuje wycieczki nurkowe, zapewnia napełnianie butli.
Koniński Klub Kajakowy i Sportów Wodnych
ul. Zofii Urbanowskiej 16
62-500 Konin
Napełnianie butli nurkowych.
gsm. (+48) 605 897 906
Centrum Informacji TurystycznejInformacja dla niesłyszących