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Region koniński
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Windsurfer na jeziorze PątnowskimPątnowskie Lake - heated water, west-eastern circuit of the lake and its surface conducive  practicing windsurfing. There is a windsurfing base, which uses about 20 "riders". It is possible to leave the equipment, favorable conditions for rigging and preparation of the propulsor. A large beach and flat bottom allow free entry into the water, it secures especially the  beginners with a safe ground under their feet during the first classes. "Glaspo" centre and Sailing Club at KWB "Konin" marina are equipped with toilets, parking as well as accommodation facilities.
Ślesińskie and Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie lakes – are made out of glacial origin and gutter  type with a significant extension from south to north and a well-developed shoreline. Even though they have rich touristic infrastructure for sailboards amateurs, because of the narrow layout with high trees and a rapidly falling bottom, they are not allowed to surf..
Gosławskie Lake – it is the largest lake in the district of  Konin (area approx. 284 ha); West-eastern scheme of the lakes, as well as  northern and western directions of the winds which blow here with great force, make it a meeting place for riders from the Association Of Konin’s windsurfing "Windclub". The lack of hangars, accommodation base  and catering at the lake do not inhibit this form of sailing. Heated lake is an advantage of the basin. More often it attracts riders from other regions of the country, including: Kalisz, Pleszew, Lodz, Gniezno. The meeting place and the best conditions for the descent into the water are in Konin-Gosławice, which is in the south-eastern part of the lake. Access to the windsurfing beach is behind the cemetery, near the Castle which is the seat of the District Museum in Konin.
Gopło Lake- gutter lake, of glacial origin, with a meridional course and forked southern end. The coastline is low, varied, with numerous bays and peninsulas, which promote practicing windsurfing, preferably with winds blowing from the northern or southern directions. The most famous place where you can easily reach into the water and come with the hardware, are Mielnica and Łuszczewo ( Skulsk community), which are located in the widest areas of the lake. Gopło lies in a nature reserve, so you are guaranteed with a quiet zone, which allows to wind surf away from the noise of motorboats and personal watercraft.
Skulskie Lake - gutter lake, of glacial origin with low and not wooded edges. It has good conditions for windsurfing, however it lacks of the appropriate base. For the greater popularity of the adjacent Gopło lake makes “wind- boarders” to  often flow  on the other lake.
Retention  Reservoir on Powie in the Old City - the area of ​​about 91 hectares, the water level is variable, controlled by the firewall. It is located at the western, the south-western and southern winds. Proponents of the flat water will find something for themselves, although the wave is very small and short (even with very strong winds), it is ideal for freeriders and freestylers.
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