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Region koniński
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Motoroboat Sports

Sporty motorowodnePower boating is becoming more and more popular among the region's inhabitants and tourists.
In 2003 on all the lakes  prohibits the use of vessels propelled by internal combustion engines. The exception are the lakes lying within the Warta-Gopło waterway and the ones lying within the administrative boundaries of Konin, which is on the Goslawskie  lake. The deviation to the rule are Polish Powerboat Championship or World Powerboat Championship held on the waters of Skulskie Lake.
On the lakes: Pątnowskie, Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie and Ślesińskie  you can enjoy all kinds of power boating in designated areas (see the table p. 39).
The gradual expansion of marinas and the  training and recreation resorts on the shores of the lakes is conducive to intensive development of this form of spending free time in the region of Konin.

Particularly recommended places for the the boating lovers are:

Pątnowskie Lake – The " Gosławice Marina " recreation center has its own water rental equipment (eg. motorboats). What is more it also offers the possibility of renting yachts such as: touristic omega ,carina, orion, el bimbo, cormorant, nash (for more information go to:

Ośrodek Wczasowo-Wypoczynkowy „Delfin” w Półwiosku StarymWąsosko-Mikorzyńskie Lake - the deepest area of the Warta-Gopło channel, which promotes sporting motorboat activities. Noteworthy is the training and recreation center "Wityng". There is a hangar for the equipment, and in the summer time you can use a scooter or jet skis or boats (for more information go to the website:
Comprehensive services related to water boat sports also offer  holiday and recreation center "Delfin" in Półwiosek Stary. Boating lovers may spend here time actively, using water skis, wakeboard, wake surf, wake skate, barefoot, jet skis, "wego" kites or parachutes (for more information go to:
On the Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie lake there is an absolute need to watch out for low-slung power lines!

Ślesińskie Lake - near the lake is an area with very well-developed touristic infrastructure, with the largest number of attractive places for boating lovers. Note: You can swim in the lake without any special restrictions. The lake is a place of training and water skiing competitions which are held here as well as open wakeboard  competitions. Interestingly, few years ago  European Powerboat Championship was organized here.

Convenient conditions for this type of sports provides primarily Aquatics Camp "Płazik". This resort offers the use of wakeboard, swimming teaching, water skiing, air chair, wake surf, personal watercraft, jet ski or various rides in various types of boats ( self- created) ie. banana, slider or tube. The camp is held annually, while its lasting you can pass a course for a motorboat operator, senior motorboat steersman or obtain a license to tow a skier (for more information go to:

On the Pątnowskie, Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie and Ślesińskie lake you can practice
in designated areas all kinds of power boating (see the table below).

Boundary signs on the canal section Warta-Gopło  (on the right flowing
Mileage Characteristic
8,30 do 12,00 km  A14 i A18
12,00 do 15,00 km E17 i E21
15,00 do 19,50 km A14 i A18
19,50 do 21,50 km E17 i E21
21,50 do 32,00 km A14 i A18

Sporty motorowodne – narty wodneSigns of the A14 and A18 motorways
Prohibition of water skiing and towing aircrafts behind a ship and the end zone, in which small vessels used exclusively for sport or recreation are able to develop high-speed (up to 10 km / h).

Signs of the E17 and E21 expressway
Permission for water skiing and towing aircrafts behind a ship, as well as permission for the movement of small vessels sport and tourism at high speed.
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