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Region koniński
Jesteś tutaj: Tourism - Water Route of Wielkopolska - The tour through Warta river

The Course Through Warta river

Length: 41.4 km
Distance: Waki-Sługocin

Widok z lotu ptaka na rzekę WartęThe water trail through Warta river  is well marked by the boards indicating the number of kilometers to its confluence to Odra river. The canoe trail was
additionally marked by the  boundary signs and information boards.

Description of the route:

424.00 km We may start the river rafting in the Waki town which is situated close to the ferry, on the right bank. The spill occur ahead of us .

419.30 km We pass the ferry in Biechowe town (the concrete waterside). In front of us are wide backwaters which contain the island in the middle. On the left side is the estuary Topiec river.

417.10 km The estuary of Warcica river. At the right bank, you can find a good place for camping. Below there is an oxbow lake with an island. Here the  stream slows down, you can safely stop at this point.

413.20 km We are reaching the Żrekie town, where on the left  side we can see the mouth of the channel. Approximately  3 km further away, on the right side, there is a  mouth of another channel – Grójecki ( kanał Grójecki)  which is connecting  Lubstowskie lake with  Warta river. Channel was dug up at the side of the Krąpina river, in the eighteenth century.  Just before the canal, on the left side, there is a wild beach, where you can stop by. We pass the ferry in Ladorudze town. It is recommended to be careful at the banks of the river, because they can be muddy and overgrown.

406.60 km   At this point of our journey, we reach Konin town, where  on the right side starts the Ślesiński Canal (Kanał Ślesiński)  which is connects Warta River with Gopło lake ( jezioro Gopło). We may either leave the kayaks at the sluice "Morzyslaw" in the port or sail on the canal. We choose to head towards the Warta Boulevards(Bulwary Nadwarciańskie). On the right hand- side there is the amphitheater, where you can stop by as well. On the right side there is the beginning of the Relief Channel ( Kanał Ulgi). Here the river by over a 2-kilometer arc flows around the island.

403.30 km Above us there is a bridge on the National Road No. 2 Warsaw-Poznań. Behind it, on the left side, starts the boulevards where you can stop by at the artificial island or sail on, under the  Toruński bridge ( most Toruński) and then stop at the high concrete wharf (concrete slip). On the left hand- side there is a seat of Konin Canoe and Water sports Club (Koniński Klub Kajakowy i Sportów Wodnych) (Tel.No. (+48) 886 506 735). Hence, it is very close to the old town and the park (visit the main attractions of the town, with an access to various services).

401.00 km On the right side there is the next  the Relief Channel (Kanał Ulgi) estuary and another road bridge - the Amber bridge ( most Bursztynowy).

399.50 km We pass the ferry in the Chorzeń district, which runs to the Port Street ( ulica Portowa). We sail among the meadows.

396.30 km We reach Rumin village. Before the ferry crossing, on the left side, there is an estuary of Powy river. The Dolnolinowy ferry has a capacity of 10 tons. Through the Rright bank there is running a high embankment. On the left shore there are accessible places for wild camping.

Przeprawa promowa w Sławsku392.20 km We get to the village called Sławsk. There, we can also find  a ferry ( the ferry with capacity of 10 tons). Just behind it, on the left side, under the construction, there is a private marina, and a mansion which comes from the nineteenth century. (Under renovation). There is a pier and a slip for launching. Nearby there is a grocery store. We continue our journey.

385.10 km We flow under the bridge of the A2 motorway. From that moment on we sail through the Warta oxbow through the Warta Landscape Park ( Nadwarciański Park Krajobrazowy).

382.60 km Our journey ends at the crossing ferry in Sługocin (upper rope ferry with a capacity of 8 tons on the road to Dąbrowica).

On the  above section there are the boards and signs which are located on the 403.4 kilometers in Konin and 392.2 km in Sławsk.

The information map is in Biechowe.
Length: Approx. 5 km
Time: 2:00 h
Warta-Relief channel ( Kanał Ulgi)  (around the Pociejewo island).

The northern border of the Pociejewo island determines the Relief channel ( Kanał Ulgi) (length approx. 1.9 km), and from the south Warta river. The total length of the waterway around the island is approx. 5 km. Trip duration: approx. 2 hours.
The best way to sail through the so called loop around the island is to start runoff from the Warta Boulevards, flowing with the Warta stream. In this case, from  the 5 km stretch of water, we swim upstream in the section of the Relief Channel. There is also a possibility to overcome the same route, starting off at the current flow. In this case, we need to pace the current approx. 3.2-km. stretch of Warta river.

It is good to start off  the stretch around the island Pociejewo at the height of the seat of The Konin Canoe and Water sports Club (Koniński Klub Kajakowy i Sportów Wodnych)  (more or less. Boulevards in the middle of Warta river- Bulwary Nadwarciańskie). From this place we sail against the current flowing under the Torun bridge ( most Toruński), subsequently through the Warsaw bridge ( most Warszawki) and after less than a kilometer, we turn left, entering  the Relief Channel ( Kanał Ulgi) (404.1 km of Warta river). After crossing approx. 300 m from the channel  inlet  we will see a concrete overflow threshold. The threshold is mounted on the right as well as on the left side of the channel, forming a narrow approx. 2-meter shed. We suggest  the inexperienced canoeists before the threshold to swim to the shore and to move the kayak on the land (approx. 10-20 m). The rest of the route runs in the place where during the summer there is significant shallowing of the channel. After approx. 500 m. we swim under the Jozef Pilsudski  bridge, and then after approx. 1 km we influence on the Warta river (401.2 km). At this point, we set up a canoe upstream (turn it left) and after passing approx. 2 km, we reach the point from which we started.
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