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Region koniński
Jesteś tutaj: Tourism - Water Route of Wielkopolska

Wielka Pętla Wielkopolski

Jezioro Wąsosko-MikorzyńskieWe would like to encourage tourists to be active and to associate with one of the great element which is water. Both inhabitants of this region and people arriving from all of the world of all ages discover assets of this region. The youth are more eager to do motorboat sports but more mature people specified to be 50+ we encourage to sailing canoeing, scuba diving and angling, as well.

Sailors are invited by Konin county to flis the Water Warta-Gopło tour. Lakes of Konin joined with canals, having managed shoreline are eagerly visited by people of water. They are not the only people who appreciate this place.

Motorowodniacy and windsurferzy are aware they can do water sports giving a great dose of emotions thanks to open areas of postglacial lakes.

Canoers especially are attracted to falling Warta river. This brochure shows another interesting places for more sophisticated lovers of rowers.

First coming we recommend clear lakes of northern site of country. We encourage amateurs to angling because you can not only catch carps, roaches or pikes but also appearing often sturgeons, eels or even grass carps.

This time we guarantee unforgettable experiences on the waters and rivers of Konin. Everyone whose free time is connected with water and wishes to make experiences come true are invited to visit the city of Konin. We do provide the power of attraction and wonderful holiday!
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