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Region koniński
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Żychlin - Wyszyna - Turek

route: Żychlin - Wyszyna - Turek

length: 32,9 km
journey time:  9,1 h

ul. Kolejowa 11, 62-510 KONIN
tel. +48 63 242 39 80
(every Thursday between 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.)

The route leads through Złotogórskie Pagórki area, which has a diverse character of relief. Forests cover highest parts of the hills. There are characteristic and valuable seats of thermophilous oak being a nature-recreational attraction.


0,0 km
Żychlin. Route begins near the park, next to bus (# 60 to Konin) stop. Guide by asphalt road through the village to the east. Pass by the palace in the park and evangelical church building. Cross the road Konin – Turek (No 72). After passing the buildings in Żychlin village at forest logging route turns right, and crossing the meadows leads to the south toward the forests of Złota Góra.

2,3 km
Route runs by the forest edges. Walk by birch alley, at its end the signs lead to the left, then road runs right to the northern east. 1200 m further route turns left at a right angle and following the folded terrain reaches the foot of Złota Góra, from where steeply climbs on its ridge.

4,9 km
Top of Złota Góra; 191 m above sea level. Next 100 m separate us from radiotelephony. From here, yellow route leads to Brzeźno (3,7 km). Blue signs go down south.

7,0 km
Teresina village. Cross the village by sandy road toward southern east slowly loosing the height. There appears gutter of Topiec river in front of us, on the horizon – wooded Dąbrwickie and Władysławowskie Hills. Pass by few farms in villages Górowo, Wierzchy and Stawki.

11,9 km
In Stawki turn left into the road to Wyszyna.

12,9 km
In Wyszyna, on the left side of road there situated wooden church and ruins of Renaissance castle.

13,2 km
Wyszyna – PKS bus stop. Walk down the dirt road to the south. Pass by the diffused buildings in Piła village and walk across Tarnowski Młyn village.

17,5 km
Tuliszków – Władysławów asphalt road. Turn left.

18,0 km
100 m further turn to the right into the rarely attended forest path, 300 m further turn left and go to the east. After next 600 m turn right and go deep into the forest. Route slowly climbs higher and reaches next peaks; the highest one is 165 m above sea level. Walk down through old forest, firstly to the south, next to the east and south again.

23,2 km
Księża Góra 164 m above sea level. It is a comfortable place for the rest and beautiful views seeing. Go down steeply to the south toward the dirt road, which leads us to the left.

24,5 km
Edge of Małoszyna village. At the roads crossing, just next to the cross, turn right (mind the signs!) and go down. Route leads by the wooded, hilly terrain of diverse character. After valley leave, go ahead to the southern west. 1,5 km further overcome the forest and reach Konstantynów village. Here direction changes for southern east. Down the forest path reach Zdrojki village.

31,0 km
Forest edge, beginning of Zdrojki village, its bigger part is situated within the limits of Turek. Go across the village, reach the cemeteries and further turn left into the city’s beltway. 300 m further turn to the right toward PKS station.

32,9 km
Turek. End of the route at PKS station.

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