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Region koniński
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Kawnice - Gosławice - Konin

route: Kawnice - Bieniszew - Gosławice - Licheń Stary - Konin

length: 37,5 km
journey time: c. 13-14 h

ul. Kolejowa 11, 62-510 KONIN
tel. +48 63 242 39 80
(every Thursday between 6.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.)

This route is known as the pilgrimage. It joins three locations related to the cult of the Holy Virgin: Kawnice, Bieniszew and Licheń Stary. It leads through the Kazimierski forest and along the lakes: Głodowskie, Gosławskie, Pątnowskie and Licheńskie.


0,0 km
Kawnice. We start the outing next to the railway station. We walk north along the asphalt road towards Kazimierski forest. Then, we turn towards Głodowo. The route turns right between the fields (watch the signs!!!). We reach the forest and walk north-west along its edge.

2,5 km
We enter the forest and walk north. We reach Głodowskie lake.

3,5 km
The path leads to the eastern shore of the lake, which area is decreasing every year. We go past the recent swamp called Mokre. The moving shore of the lake is clearly seen.

5,7 km
We come at the black route conecting Kazimierz Biskupi with Bieniszew. Both routes lead to the road Rosocha-Kazimierz Biskupi.

6,0 km
The routes diverge. The green leads left, up the hill. We go past the small lake Wały to the right. We go downhill and walk past the small lake Wściekłe.

7,0 km
Again we meet the black route, this time from the left-hand side. Past some 200 metres, we leave the black route turning left.

8,0 km
We reach the Kameduli monastery in Bieniszew. After visiting one of the two Kameduli monasteries in Poland, we turn south to reach the asphalt road Konin - Kazimierz Biskupi (No 264) walking past the “Pustelnik" preserve to the right and the “Mielno" preserve to the left.

9,9 km
We cross the asphalt road and by a forest path we reach Gosławskie lake. We walk on the high, wooded lake shore.

12,0 km
We reach the asphalt road leading to Gosławice. We go past the nature monument - an oak with some 6.0 metres in diameter.

13,0 km
We come to Gosławice - a Konin suburb. Past some 600 metres, we walk past the youth hostel (in the school building, to the right and uphill), we turn left on the roundabout. We reach Muzealna Street.

14,4 km
District Museum located in the Gosławice Castle. Cyclical exhibitions held there are worth visiting. Next to the museum, is the ethnographical heritage park and Gothic church built on the cross plan by Andrzej Łaskarz following the example of St. Maurycy's Church in Konstancja. Noteworthy heraldry inside the church. We walk east along Gosławicka St.

15,0 km
We reach the railway crossing and turn left into Przemysłowa St. Past 250 metres, we take a turn right into Rybacka St., passing fishery ponds.

17,5 km
We see Pątnowskie Lake to the left. We go cross the bridge over the Warta-Gopło canal and continue east along the cooling canals of the Konin power plants.

20,0 km
We walk past Licheńskie lake to the left.

22,5 km
We approach Licheń Stary famous of the Holy Virgin Sanctuary. The village has St. Dorothy church with miraculous painting of the Holy Virgin of Licheń, Queen of Poland, and the largest basilica in Poland. It has the largest bell in Poland - the “Bogurodzica". In the centre of the village is the penitential cross built into a chapel - a fragment of the Romanesque route.
From there, we continue towards Grąblin by the asphalt road.

24,5 km
We reach the forest. We go past the chapel standing in the place where shepherd Mikołaj Sikatka saw Holy Virgin. It happened in 1850-1852, and was the result of Sikatka’s praying to the picture of the Holy Virgin with a white eagle on the chest that hung from a tree. The picture had been hung by Tomasz Kłossowski, a Napoleonic soldier, who had seen the Holy Virging with an eagle after the battle of Leipzig, when he was lying wounded on the battlefield amongst thousands of dead. We keep on walking along the edge of the forest.

26,5 km
Gajówka Dąbrówka. Here we can take a rest with hospitable hosts.

28,5 km
We reach the village of Anielew. We cross the asphalt road and we walk right along the school playground. We turn left and reach the road leading to the forest. We take the turn into the forest road leading to Rudzica.

31,2 km
We go past the bus stop in Rudzica. We reach the bridge over the Warta-Gopło canal. We go left by the asphalt road, and past 300 metres we turn right into a forest road. We approach the railway in the village of Morzysław Kolonia.

33,5 km
We do not cross the railway. We walk west along the edge of the forest.

35,0 km
We turn right and go into Leśna Street. We are in Niesłusz - a Konin suburb. We reach Przemysłowa Street, turn into Paderewskiego Street, and past 200 metres we turn again, this time into Torowa Street.

36,8 km
We go past the railway crossing, turn right and continue along Kolejowa Street. We walk past the Konin Branch of the PTTK, which has marked all the hiking routes.

37,5 km
Konin. Railway station. The end of the route.

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