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Region koniński
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Wilczyn - Mrówki - Przyjezierze

route: Wilczyn - Mrówki - Przyjezierze

length: 15,0 km
journey time: c. 5,5 h

ul. Kolejowa 11, 62-510 KONIN
tel. +48 63 242 39 80
(every Thursday between 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.)

The route is named after Jerzy W. Szulczewski and leads along Wilczyńskie, Kownackie, Suszewskie i Ostrowskie lakes, in the north-western areas of the Konin county.


0,0 km
The route begins in Wilczyn, to be more precise in the Wilczogóra part of Wilczyn, next to the Gothic church.

1,5 km
Along the asphalt road, we reach the forest and further we go along the forest path towards Wilczyńskie lake. We go past the recreation resorts and turn to the north.

4,0 km
We reach Kownackie lake and walk in the left direction along its shore.

5,3 km
The route leads us to the village of Mrówki. Down the lakeshores, we walk to the archaeological heritage park vicinity. There is reconstructed “cone fortified settlement” dated the turn of 13th and 14th centuries. After visiting the heritage park, we walk keep on walking along the lake shore. We reach black route, which starts in the isthmus between Kownackie and Suszewskie lakes. We take the road leading north-east.

10,5 km
We reach the bridge over the canal between Ostrowskie and Kownackie lakes. The building of the Forestry Authority Wysoki Most is just next door. The route turns left and leads in the woods along Ostrowskie lake.

15,0 km
The forest road gets us to the resorts in Przyjezierze. From here, we can catch a bus to Konin, Wilczyn or to Strzelno – thus entering the Piastowski Route.