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Region koniński
Jesteś tutaj: Tourism - Marked Hiking Routes - Sompolno - Ignacewo - Ślesin

Sompolno - Ignacewo - Ślesin

route: Sompolno - Ignacewo - Ślesin

length: 16,1 km
journey time: c. 6 h


ul. Kolejowa 11, 62-510 KONIN
tel. +48 63 242 39 80
(every Thursday between 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.)


0,0 km
The route starts in the Wolności Square in Sompolno. We walk down Kaliska street, turn rigth to Ogrodowa St. and leave town. On our way, we walk past the orchards, for which the Sompolno area is famous.

1,8 km
In the village of Dąbrowa the route leads left; after passing the last buildings, we enter the forest. Now we walk in the woods.

2,5 km
We walk past the monumental oak to the right.

4,7 km
The route leads along the forest roads. We turn rigth and reach the crossing with the Ślesin – Sompolno road (no 263). We continue walking on the road parallel to the asphalt road (on the right) and brow coal mine (on the left).

7,0 km
We reach Ignacewo village. The monument to heroes of the 1963 uprising, erected in 1918, is located here. We cross the asphalt road and turn right towards the forest. We go west.

9,5 km
We approach the monumental pine growing next the crossing of the road from Stara Ruda to Leśnictwo.

13,0 km
The forest road finishes. We approach the shore of the Ślesińskie Lake, next to the discharge canal of the Konin power plants – so-called “Niagara Falls”. Pass by the brigde.

15,5 km
After passing a few resorts, following forest path down the lake, we reach the Sports and Recreation Centre in Ślesin. We turn right and by an asphalt road over the bridge uniting Mikorzyńskie and Ślesińskim lakes we walk towards Ślesin.

15,8 km
We walk past the 1812 triumphal arc built for Napoleon, which, by the way, Bonaparte never saw.

16,1 km
Ślesin market. The end of the route.

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