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Region koniński
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Kazimierz Biskupi - Bieniszew

route: Kazimierz Biskupi - Bieniszew

length: 6,7 km
journey time: c. 2,5 h

ul. Kolejowa 11, 62-510 KONIN
tel. +48 63 242 39 80
(every Thursday between 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.)

The route is named after the renowned activist of the Konin branch of Polish Tourism Society Ignacy Wrocławski.
It begins in Kazimierz Biskupi, where places connected with the cult of Five Martyr Brothers and a part of the Romanesque route are worth visiting.


0,0 km
Kazimierz Biskupi. We find the black signs next to the late-Bernadine monastery. We go along the Klasztorna Street. After some 1 km we enter the Kazimerski Forest.

2,4 km
Turn right. Past some 800 metres, the signs lead us to the left. We approach the crossing of forest roads.

3,6 km
The paths leads us to the left. We come up to the monumental oaks. The largest has more than 7 metres in circumference. Past some 300 metres, we reach Mokre swamps and turn to the right.

4,6 km
The black and green routes join. The green route leads from Kawnice via Licheń to Konin. Both routes lead upwards. We turn right, and past some 50 metres, left.

5,2 km
We come up to the so-called Węglew road. Here, both routes diverge. We walk past the Wały lake.

6,7 km
We reach the interesting and worth seeing Kameduli monastery in Bieniszew. Unfortunately, every day the place may be visited only by men. More information about this object you can find in brochure about Five Martyr Brothers Route.

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